Artificial Intelligence

Why Should the C-Suite Pay Attention to AI?

Why Should the C-Suite Pay Attention to AI Blog Graphic

When I speak with CEOs, board members, and other C-Suite executives, the query often posed is: “What’s the purpose and objective of prioritizing Artificial Intelligence relative to everything else?” Whenever I suggest to board members that AI should be a topic of discussion, this is the usual response. However, even if the question remains the … Read more

Overcoming Labor Shortages in Manufacturing With AI

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We stand at the precipice of an AI revolution. The potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to be realized across a number of sectors, particularly in the manufacturing industry. If the current trajectory holds, it is poised to address some of the most pressing challenges the industry faces while also fostering efficiency and innovation.  … Read more

The Argument for an AI-Augmented Workforce

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The AI-augmented workforce is transforming the landscape of industries across the globe, taking various roles that humans either should not, will not, or cannot do. I will show you how integrating AI cuts human labor requirements and adds tremendous value to jobs, while reshaping our understanding of work and problem-solving in an AI-augmented workforce. Table … Read more

AI Risk Management for Corporate Boards

Risks of AI for Corporate Boards - Robotic Hand Pushing Dominos

AI Risk Management for Corporate Boards has become essential, as artificial intelligence continues to radically change the way work is done. With AI systems increasingly involved in making decisions that can impact a company’s bottom line, and changing the cost structures of the workforce, it is crucial for corporate boards to understand and address various … Read more

Harnessing the Power of AI for Your Business: A Guide for CEOs

Harnessing the Power of AI for Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here, and it’s revolutionizing the way businesses operate across industries everywhere. The question for CEOs is – how do we take advantage of the opportunities AI provides to us and how do we move fast, before our competitors do? In this post, I will share with you how to think about … Read more

Covid Has Changed How We Work. Are More Jobs at Risk from AI Implementation?

Severity of Harm Illustration

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the traditional work models for both employers and employees resulting in a hybrid work environment. This has been achieved by more and better automation and AI-based initiatives. Employers have recognized the opportunity to automate many jobs to a large degree to allowing them to work with a part-time or hybrid … Read more

The FTC Discrimination Warning On AI—7 Expert Tips To Stay Out Of Trouble

Aiming for Truth, Fiarness, and Equity in Your Company's Use of Artificial Intelligence Graphic

With companies rapidly inculcating AI, it is natural to wonder whether the federal government will be able to formulate regulatory frameworks at the same pace. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently alerted companies of their legal framework to ensure truth, fairness and equity in developers and users of AI. The FTC has 3 laws … Read more

AI Can Be Dangerous—How To Reduce Risk When Using AI

Severity of Harm Illustration

Elon Musk has famously said, “AI is far more dangerous than nukes.” His statement has some truth to it, and it has succeeded in raising our awareness of the dangers of AI. As leaders, part of our job is to ensure that what our companies do is safe. We don’t want to harm our business … Read more

How To Succeed With Enterprise AI: Buy Vs. Build

Buy Vs Build Signs on Blue Sky

Companies in every industry are expanding their efforts in AI. Companies are beginning to understand the strategic imperative to use AI to their advantage before their competitors do. (See “The AI Threat: Winner-Takes-All”). As a company leader, you need to address several critical questions: What is the best way to adopt AI within our company? … Read more