Artificial Intelligence

How AI Can Go Terribly Wrong: 5 Biases That Create Failure

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AI is a game-changing technology for companies, but it can go terribly wrong. As AI-based systems become more critical to companies, we all need to understand the issue of bias in AI. The biases of AI can result in reputational risk, poor results and outright errors. This article will enable boards and senior executives to … Read more

The AI Threat: Winner-Takes-All

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I’m not a very good poker player. (That’s why my friends always invite me to play.) They like to play until the winner takes all of the winnings, which ultimately includes all my money. I’m OK with this because it’s only a small game, and for me, it’s worth the price of admission. Now shift … Read more

Deepfakes Are Bad – Deepfakes Are Good

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Most people are familiar with deepfake videos where it appears that a person is doing and saying things they actually never did or said. As the AI technology behind deepfakes becomes better and better, so do the results of deepfake creations. Recent advances in this AI-based technology are happening so quickly, that it is becoming … Read more

Environmental Sustainability and AI

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As a senior executive, you’re likely aware of the many strategic opportunities and threats posed by AI. According to IDC, spending on AI hardware and software is increasing at a CAGR of 24%. AI-driven projects will rapidly become a substantial percentage of any company’s investment in technology. What you may not be aware of are … Read more

How AI Can Help Small And Medium Businesses Compete Against Big Companies

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The current economic environment enables many large companies to succeed, while many small and medium businesses (SMBs) are suffering. Adding to this divide are the changes created by AI. Right now, larger companies are investing in AI because they recognize the opportunity to dominate a market using this technology.  Big companies have many advantages when … Read more

How AI Can Help In A Recession

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This recession is deeper and more sudden than any other we have experienced. While we would all prefer this recession be a short one, that is currently unlikely. A deep and prolonged recession puts tremendous pressure on CEOs and Boards of all but the most fortunate companies.  Let’s assume this recession will last longer than … Read more

COVID-19 And Unemployment: The Robots Are Coming

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Within the US, we are experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases and the loss of permanent jobs. While the June employment numbers look very promising (the number of jobs increased by 4.8 million), they hide two important factors. The first is that these numbers came out just before the explosion in cases. The second is … Read more

Why Are Technology Companies Quitting Facial Recognition?

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IBM just got out of the business of facial recognition software. Microsoft and Amazon have limited what they are doing with facial recognition with law enforcement agencies. Facebook paid a $550 Million settlement related to their facial recognition technology. What is going on? These companies are reacting wisely to the potential for bias and the … Read more