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The AI Bill Of Rights: Protecting Americans from the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

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As AI is implemented across a wide range of industries, the US government has realized the need to regulate it. Companies find it harder to operate in an unregulated environment and prefer to have a regulatory framework. As mentioned in “Why Are Technology Companies Quitting Facial Recognition?” AI companies want federal regulations. This is because … Read more

4 Ways Successful Enterprises Are Driving Success In AI

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Deloitte’s recent study researched the question: “What have companies that have successfully incorporated AI done differently? This article offers a summary of its findings to help you decide whether you should invest time to read it. The companies that have garnered the most success in AI do well in the following categories: Let’s discuss each … Read more

AI in Business: The One Thing Every Board Member Asks

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Why Do We Need to Discuss Artificial Intelligence? Board members have a number of critical issues to focus on such as; risk and reputation management, advising and encouraging the CEO, financial performance, and growth opportunities. Thus, their involvement is not expected in daily technical operations. When I encourage board members to put AI on their … Read more

AI Governance for Boards: Insights From the World Economic Forum

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Article Originally Written for Directors&Boards  Agility and a Multistakeholder Approach are Essential for Success. Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing faster than our ability to govern it. Because AI presents unique risks, “normal” governance no longer applies, and boards will need to incorporate a different governance framework for AI. Findings from the work of The Global … Read more

AI Regulation is Coming to the EU. Here are Five Ways To Prepare

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The European Union (EU) has established itself as the leader in regulating issues impacting EU companies and citizens. EU was the first to introduce the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to address data privacy issues. It is now adopting a similar approach for AI regulation which will impact most, if not all businesses. Now the … Read more

The Top Five AI Trends in 2021: How to Prepare For AI Success

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The strategic importance of AI is growing at an accelerating pace. Many companies are reaping the rewards of AI now and will increase their investments as a result. Every board member and every senior executive must understand the key trends in AI that will impact their businesses. Top 5 AI Trends 1. Increasing investments 2. Rapid response … Read more