If Microsoft Can Be Hacked, What About Your Company? How AI is Transforming Cybersecurity.

This is a summary of the Forbes article ‘If Microsoft Can Be Hacked, What About Your Company? How AI is Transforming

The recent attack on Microsoft by Russian hackers has highlighted the vulnerability of most companies. Cyber threats are common place and hackers are now successfully using AI in these attacks. The only way to defend against future threats is to invest in AI.

You can unknowingly facilitate a security breach by visiting your company HQ in a hacked Tesla. Such attacks are successful since no one can anticipate all possible ways of attacking a company. AI is the perfect solution for such problems.

Attackers are using AI in the following ways:

  • Impersonate trusted users
  • Modify training data to facilitate future attacks
  • Disguise itself in your systems by learning the communication methods and commonly used ports and protocols
  • Launching autonomous attacks in mass volume

What should leaders do? Following are some guidelines to consider:

  • Use AI to respond quickly and sufficiently in case of an attack
  • Educate yourself on how to protect yourself, your systems and communications
  • Introduce a cyber security strategy and ensure readiness of both systems and personnel (this should be done periodically)
  • Designate a champion for governance for AI in cybersecurity.

Hackers are relying on the ability of AI to get better by itself every day. Thus, companies also need defense systems that are improving every single day. Senior leadership need to not only be aware of these issues but should be the drivers behind these discussions. To read the full article, click here.

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